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OEE Within Reach

SherpaSoft offers you to implement its OEE System at your facility that are rapid to deploy and maintenance free (turnkey service). With this, you have within reach an OEE System which will give you means to improve your productivity.

The SherpaSoft Approach In Brief

Here is what you need to know about SherpaSoft approach :

  • Outsourcing service : Monthly fee, termination at any time free of charge;
  • No capitalization : Server, micro-controlers and software included;
  • No software to install on PCs : Uses Microsoft Internet Explorer;
  • Unlimited number of users : No software licence fees;
  • Rolling Update : No charge and without effort on your part;
  • Rapid deployment solution.

OEE : A Strategic KPI

OEE is a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) recognized in the industry. Its implementation is among the best business practices known and apply today.

Your Attempts

You may have considered to implement OEE by using a system like those offered on the market. But their high initial and ongoing costs, postpone the return on investment for an indefinite period, and all this requires additionnal resources that is not in your core business.

You may have developped and implemented your own OEE system. You may have met the requirements of management who asked you to implement OEE, but yet you do not have a specialized OEE system with its all theirs benefits.

You may have tried to implement OEE by using forms to fill in, but data analysis remains rudimentary and inefficient; data remains incomplete, inaccurate and inconsistent which lead to unliable results; this non-value added activity is most of the time abandonned and finally, OEE initiative is gone.

SherpaSoft Service

SherpaSoft offers to implement its OEE System at your facility without capitalizng and maintain such a system. Therefore your company has within reach an OEE specialized System, ready to go and at a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) than other solutions on the market.

SherpaSoft System is a real-time monitoring and reporting system. The System collects, organizes and presents real-time production data according to the various needs of your organization. Automatic data acquisition is carried out using sensors and micro-controllers connected to the network. The System takes also the benefit of cell phone messaging.

SherpaSoft System is a specialized tool that aim to improve productivity according to Lean Manufacturing principles. The System is not a ERP system, however coexists with them.

The Results

Here are what you will achieve with SherpaSoft System :

  • To know production status in real-time, and therefore taking proactive decisions;
  • To reduce reaction time to stoppages;
  • To identify and solve recurrent stoppages;
  • To optimize operations and production operations;
  • To adjust preventive maintenance frequencies on equipments;
  • To monitor strategic planning progress;
  • To monitor and measure the outcomes of Lean Manufacturing projects;
  • To support and promote continuous improvement culture by the visibility of KPIs to your organization.